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Q&A: The rise in tech outsourcing to Latin America

In recent years, Latin America has seen a significant rise in the number of global organizations outsourcing both software and tech talent to the region. While there are a number of contributing factors currently at play, increasing government support for entrepreneurial activity means there is a renewed focus on graduating more tech talent. Additionally, recent rollbacks on tech visas in the U.S. have caused a large number of American technology companies to look elsewhere for tech talent and outsourcing solutions.

We spoke to Joe Edwards, Executive Director of Tonic3 and W3, about why outsourcing tech talent to Latin America is both cost-effective and beneficial for companies around the world.


How would you describe the current tech landscape in LatAm?

The technology sector in Latin America has developed beyond just being an outsourcing hub for the U.S. and Europe. Today, attention on the technology sector in Latin America has grown significantly. While the best developers in Latin America were always as good as the best developers elsewhere in the world, there’s been a recent explosion of talent coming out of the region. The investments, both public and private, in Latin America’s technology infrastructure over the last 8-10 years are starting to pay off and have created larger and deeper pools of talent across the region.

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