IT Careers: How to become a Blockchain Engineer

Tech buzzwords are many and frequent. Some pop up, only to be ridiculed, replaced or simply ignored, while others stand the test of time. One of the latest doing the rounds is blockchain. Its potential is lauded and panned, and industries are lining up to be transformed by this latest trend. But where do companies find the talent to do this transforming? The media is full of headlines announcing IT skills shortages, so how do you find people with a skill that few people understand and that is still emerging?

What is blockchain all about? What’s the current state of the vendor market? And is its biggest potential in securing the Internet of Things? Find out in: A c-suite guide to blockchain 2018

Last month, on-demand talent network, Toptal, launched a new blockchain specialization to enable companies around the world to find blockchain engineers. It also launched a unique Blockchain Academy program that provides education resources to participants and allows access to fellow elite engineers in the blockchain industry. 

Luka Horvat, Head of Talent Operations, Toptal tells us more in the lightly edited Q&A below.


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