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Millennials talk careers: Edward Armstrong

Edward Armstrong

Age: 29

Education: BA History, Newcastle University

Current role: Client Manager, Racepoint Global

Ideal role: Owner, Racepoint Global


Are the stereotypes about millennials true?

No. One of the biggest delusions that seem to exist in a thousand articles is that we somehow have this whole new generation of people who are passionate and driven by new things, but all that’s happened is the world is different, not the people in it. Some people are idiots and adhere to some of the negative traits, but they would have been the same whatever time they were born in.


What benefits most attract you to a new position?

The people you get to work with. By the end of year you have spent more time with the people in your office than family, friends or partners. You have to spend thousands of hours with them, so you need to make sure that you like them. A big part of this is having structures which do not have arrogant and aloof senior staff who consider anyone junior beneath them…that would be terrible. You need to be able to come in, speak on a human level with everyone regardless of their position, be honest about your own personality and then be treated well. That would be the main thing. Also, being able to listen to loud music and doing work that you are happy to tell people about at the end of the day.


In the long term which of the following is most important to you? (Please explain why?)

  • Career development
  • Salary
  • Work/ life balance

Well, considering the nature of PR, the work/life balance is shot so it’s going to have to be career development. A good salary is great, but all more money means really is a nicer drink at the end of the day. If you take it away then you will still be having the drink. Career development though actually gets you somewhere, it gives you the chance to experience different lives in the future.


What do you think most companies are getting wrong when hiring/ retaining younger workers?

They should not hire people who are too comfortable. There are thousands of people who are desperate to prove themselves, be it for ego or necessity, who will do everything they can. These people will also be loyal and care about giving back to those who show faith in them. 


Looking back, is there anything you’d change about the route you took to your current career?

No. I would not have lasted 5 minutes in my current job if I had not done everything else first.


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