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The latest quantum breakthroughs explained simply

Associate Professor Matthew Sellars, head of the Laser Physics Centre at the Australian National University (ANU), is trying to describe the importance of his department’s latest breakthrough in quantum computing.

“I just draw the analogy to the internet,” he tells me over the phone from Canberra. “The real power of computing didn't really hit us until we managed to network our computers.”

Dr Sellars and his team have recently made a significant breakthrough in the applications of transmitting quantum information over long distances however, it’s not been an easy task.

How close is quantum computing? We investigate how long it will take for our quantum future arrive.

“We began looking into this and the applications of quantum information about 20 years ago now,” he explains. “It started out with us saying 'we think we can do this' and what’s evolved from there is the realisation that the approach we're actually taking looks to be the most practical way of doing it.

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Charlotte Trueman

Charlotte is Staff Writer at IDG Connect. She is particularly interested in the impact technology will have on the future of work and promoting gender diversity throughout the tech industry.

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