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C-suite career advice: Javier Camara, beBee

Javier Camara

 Company: beBee

 Job Title: CEO & Co-founder

 Location:  Madrid & New York


What was the most valuable career advice that you have received?
The most valuable career advice I received was to never give up and that I should be persistent and resilient in getting what I wanted. I was told that detours and failures would just be bumps in the road to achieve success.
It has always been my challenge to work hard and learn from my mistakes and failures so that I could find the opportunities where I could make a difference in the world.
The trials and errors in my life have all paved the way for my successful social network company beBee. I have learned from others, others advice and mistakes as well as my own and this has led to the success of our social network beBee.
If you don’t try hard you won’t get very far, so you must learn and adapt and keep striving to succeed.

What was the worst piece of business advice that you received?
Someone once said that the market was too crowded in social networking and that I should venture in other directions. This was the worst piece of ¨advice¨ that I was given. I take everything with a pinch of salt because you have to assess and act on what you are best at to succeed in life. Sometimes the concept does not have to be new and complex as long as you have a market and offer something different that users are looking for. There are often gaps in the market and those who succeed are the ones who take the risks in finding the gaps.
Had I listened to their bad advice beBee would not exist today. The gap in the social networking market would not be filled with a combined professional and personal social network.
There are always opportunities that lead to success. Hard work and industry analysis will provide a path to opportunities. If you strive to improve the current situation you will create a better tomorrow.

What advice would you give to someone starting their career in the tech industry?
The future is in the tech industry, and there’s a huge demand for IT workers and mobile developers. What works today is made better tomorrow and the tech industry will have greater demand each year as user basis grow.
To prepare yourself for a career in the tech industry you should learn how to code in the different programming languages and start following the work of the top developers in the field, but always keep this in mind: Focus on mobile technologies because that’s the future of the field.
You’ll also have to be ready to be in a field which is constantly evolving, but that’s one of the best things as well. You’ll never be bored.
Start-ups and big companies in the tech industry are booming at the moment and there is no stopping them, they are always in search for new people with big visions, ideas and enthusiasm.

What tips would you give to someone aiming for a c-level position?
To get a seat at one of the limited corner offices for the c-level management position you should extend your leadership across various departments and boards.
To climb the corporate ladder to have a C-suit like CEO, CTO, COO or CFO- you must possess a limitless skill set across the board and be able to make decisions without purely basing the decision on a specific speciality.
In a c-suite you often have to make decisions on a broad range of managerial topics based on new areas and tough decisions. Without general knowledge and thinking from various angles, a person becomes suitable or unsuitable for a c-suite position. You may possess the best technical profile, but to achieve top management decisions you have to see beyond the technical side and consider the product, marketing, financial and legal aspects, among others.  
As there are only a limited amount of managerial positions in a company being an expert in your field just doesn’t cut it in aiming for a c-level position. You need to extend yourself across the board and participate in all aspects of the company to communicate well, lead across the board and make top decisions with a broader mindset.

Are you particularly proud of any career advice that you’ve given or the career route/development of anyone you’ve mentored?
I’ve given many people advice throughout the years. My most common advice is that if you don’t take chances, you might never have them again.
Taking chances is important. To succeed in life and your career you must give it a go. Don’t wait for tomorrow. If you have an idea and are passionate about it, make it happen. Focus on making a big impact and you will strive. If you think big, you get bigger. By working hard and putting your all into what you do, you will achieve the best possible results.
Too often I see people waiting around for their careers to take off, if you want something you must enter the market with a single vision- that you will reach your goals even if it means starting from scratch to get to the top. Hard work will always pay off.


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