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Argentina's Globant is galloping ahead

Globant, the software development house with roots in Argentina, is on a charge. The Luxembourg-headquartered company’s stock has this week been trading near its 52-week high on the NYSE exchange, giving it a $1bn valuation and recently agreed to buy Clarice Technologies, a software development company that gives it an Indian presence in Pune and Bangalore. That deal came on top of an earlier expansion in South America with the opening of a development centre in Lima, Peru. Take these items together with past events such as acquisitions of US and Brazilian firms and WPP taking a stake in it and the company is certainly living up the global hint in its name.

Globant said that Clarice represented a good fit as both companies combine software engineering with a strong UXP and design component and interest in emerging technologies such as wearables and the Internet of Things. While lots of European and US services companies have mined India for talent, Globant’s Latin roots make it a distinctive presence and its interest in design excellence also gives it a glossy touch.

With US customers such as Google, LinkedIn, EA, Orbitz, National Geographic, Fox, EMC and Cisco, Globant certainly can’t be seen as parochial and last year’s IPO on a US market was clearly a statement of intent. Today, Globant has 26 offices, employs about 3,700 people, serves over 300 customers and had almost $200m in revenues for 2014.

Globant was founded in 2003 by four friends with the express intent to disrupt the staid world of outsourcing. I emailed Martín Migoya, Globant CEO and co-founder, to check up on the company’s progress.

What was the thinking behind the Clarice acquisition?

Our goal is to become a leader in the creation of innovative software products. With that in mind, we want to put together a team that has the skills and talent to do so, so we are always looking for creative people to join our company. We saw in Clarice Technologies an organisation that shares our vision and recognises the importance of creating products that not only are robust in terms of engineering but also appealing for the user. They share our passion for innovation, for new technologies, for design and they combine in their team recognized professionals in UX and design with technology subject matter experts.

This operation helps us reinforce our positioning as a pure play in new and emerging technologies, and at the same time strengthens our vision of building a global team with talent from all over the world, regardless their geographic location. 

On top of that, their focus will help us increase the depth of our capabilities in Mobile, IoT and UX, in addition to providing strong delivery capabilities in India, which we believe will result in better and expanded services to our US and global customers.  

Is the plan to eventually become a truly global company?

We are a global company, with presence in countries like the US, the UK, India, Mexico, Colombia, Perú, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina. Our customers are some of the most innovative companies of the world, and we believe that the talent we have in our team makes us a unique player. Of course, we will continue reinforcing our global positioning to fulfil our dream of becoming a leader in the creation of innovative software products that appeal to global audiences. 

Is there a company you admire or compare yourself against?

There are many companies that we admire, but since our offering is quite unique, they come from different sectors and we cannot compare directly to any of them. We are a pure play in the latest trends and technologies, and we blend in a single organisation robust engineering skills with superb design and UX, and strong innovation capabilities. That's why we always say we are the place where engineering, design and innovation meet scale. 

Do you find that being an Argentine-rooted company gets any response, positive or negative?

We are a global company. We have development centres throughout the countries that I mentioned above, and all of them have people with the right skills to deliver the products that will be appealing for large audiences. No matter where we are based, we have the creative talent to build solutions for our most demanding clients, renowned organisations that are mostly based in the US and the UK. 

Who are your closest partners in terms of technologies that you use or go to market with?

We are focused on developing solutions leveraging emerging technologies and trends, including Big Data, mobile, wearables and Internet of Things, cloud computing, social, gaming and more. We develop solutions for our customers’ end users, but each solution is unique and developed taking into account the specific business needs of the organisation.

You often work with leading-edge technologies – what do you think is emerging next?

There is a huge digital transformation happening in major organisations and we believe that this digital transformation will lead to a change in how companies relate to their consumers. End users are demanding new ways to engage with companies. They are using new trends and technologies in their daily lives and they ask for organisations to offer them the same things. Rethinking all the processes and point of contacts will demand a partner that knows how trends like wearables, Internet of Things, Big Data, mobile, cognitive computing, augmented reality and artificial intelligence, to name a few, work, and one who can offer a seamless experience taking all of these approaches into account. 


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