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Q&A: Can coding games progress developer careers?

The internet is full of information, services – and a whole host of other weird and wonderful ways – to help individuals learn particular work skills. And one niche that is particularly thriving is competition sites for coders which gamify the skills needed for a developer career. These promise a fast track for potential developers and easy pool of trained talent for companies. Tigran Sloyan, CEO of one such site, CodeFights, explains more.


How/ why did the idea for this come about?

As a middle and high school student, I participated in a lot of math[s] competitions. During that time, I thought I was born to do math and for some strange reason I really enjoyed math, unlike most of my peers! However, that enjoyment gradually faded away once I started studying math at MIT because all of a sudden, the competitive aspect of learning math was gone. But this gave me the initial idea that it’s possible to take critical skills like math and programming and build a system around them that turns learning and practicing those skills into an addictive game.


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