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Typical 24: Highlights 2014

Over the past year, we have been profiling the weird and wonderful daily lives of IT industry professionals. Our profiles range from CEOs to Cloud Strategists. What advice would they give to their 20-year old self if they could go back in time? Do they have any wacky daily rituals? Here is a selection of some of the best quotes.

On most productive days…

“My most productive nights tend to be the ones where a show like The Bachelor is on TV because my wife doesn't want to talk to me anyway.”

David Maffei, Vice President, Global Channel Sales, Carbonite


On creativity…

“Originality is the order of the day. If you can create an impactful message, driven by clear and compelling copy in dissemination channels you will be David and easily take down Goliath.”

Rob Patey, Manager, Demand Gen and Content, Workzone


On speaking to your 20-year self…

“Absolutely nothing in case I would risk changing my future self.”

Le-roy Staines, Technical Director/Founder, TIMEDOCK

“Experiment – try different things, don’t think decisions you are making when you are twenty are ones you have to live with for the rest of your life.”

Cameron Rejali, CTO, Arqiva

“I would probably tell him to be a bit more confident!  If I could talk to that guy today, I’d tell him to relax and that the cute girl he was just chatting up probably does like him.”

Jamie Anderson, Global Vice President, SAP

“Don’t get rid of the Harley, you’ll regret it!  More seriously: do something every day that scares you. The challenges keep you alive.”

James Petter, Senior Vice President & Managing Director, EMC, UK & Ireland

“Don’t attach yourself too much to the lows or the highs. Don’t allow the good days to go to your head and never allow the bad days to go to your heart.”

Jeremy Bloom, CEO, Integrate

“Success does not come in the form of a straight line, but oftentimes comes after several mistakes and failures.”

Anukool Lakhina, Founder & Executive Vice President, Strategy, Guavus


On trying out a different job for a day…

“Editor of DC comics.”

Rob Patey, Manager, Demand Gen and Content, Workzone

“I’d like to try my hand at farming.”

Steve Tate, Chairman, Cristal International Standards

“Janitor on the International Space station.”

Eran Yaniv, CEO, Perfecto Mobile

“Fighter pilot.”

Jeremy Bloom, CEO, Integrate

“Rock-star guitarist physics Nobel laureate cyclist.”

Yuval Fisher, CTO, RGB Networks

“King crab fishing.”

Le-roy Staines, Technical Director/Founder, TIMEDOCK


On quirky daily rituals…

“I used to check my horoscope every day but I gradually weaned myself off that. It has been hard but I’m living my life without guidance based on planetary alignment now.”

Rorie Devine, CTO, Hailo

 “I’ve stopped clicking my heels three times and trying to teleport to Kansas, so mostly no...”

Yuval Fisher, CTO, RGB Networks


On reaching the office…

“I also believe that modern technology is making fixed location offices a thing of the past – ‘hot desking’ is the way forward.”

Steve Tate, Chairman, Cristal International Standards

“These are not times for normal human beings to be awake and busily working, so I’ve assumed these meetings are payback for a sin I committed in a previous life.”

Yuval Fisher, CTO, RGB Networks


On socialising with colleagues…

“No, this isn’t a social club. I think separating work from leisure is healthy.”

Steve Tate, Chairman, Cristal International Standards

 “I concentrate best alone in my office where I can ‘get shit done’.”

Bertram Meyer, CEO & Co-Founder, Taulia Inc.


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