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Middle age sees CA turn to AI, analytics, and mainframes to stay young

CA Technologies is now over 40 years old. And like all technology companies its age, CA is looking to stay relevant and up to date in an ever-evolving landscape. To do that in the realm of software development, the company sees a lot of its future relying on AI, especially within the realms of analytics and automation.

Speaking at the company’s annual CA World conference in Las Vegas late last year, various CA execs such as CEO Mike Gregoire and global CTO Otto Berkes spoke about the future of this software development stalwart.


Jarvis, AI, and analytics

“10 years ago there used to be BI companies; Hyperion, Cognos etc,” says Mike Gregoire, CA CEO. “Fast forward a few years, all of them got bought, and one of the reasons is application developers had to build reporting into all of their applications. It became tablestakes.”

“Every application company started to differentiate on how good their reporting was and then after reporting came analytics. Now it's not just analytics, you're trying to predict what's going to happen in the future. Just about every company, in the same way that they've included reporting into their applications, they're going to include analytics and predictive analytics."

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