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Why middle management and the board disagree on GDPR

A new global research study – conducted by Clearswift  – across the UK, US, Germany and Australia reveals that just 21% of middle management believe they are ready for GDPR. This compares to 41% of board members. We speak to Guy Bunker, SVP of products to get his take on the findings.  


Why do you think there is such a disconnect between the views of middle management and the board when it comes to GDPR?

In essence, the Board knows what should be going on (often what they are told is going on) however, the practice is often different – and that’s where the middle management and views from other staff come in. Shortcuts to working processes are frequently done to make things easier for the individual but also frequently create security issues. The classic example is emailing work to the individual’s home email account so they can work on it at home over the weekend… this is where talking to the staff to understand the reality is required to help improve processes without compromising security.


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