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Millennials talk careers: Jamie Devlin

21-10-2017-jamie-devlinName: Jamie Devlin

Age: 28

Education: A Level, ICT, Media

Current role: Sales Engineer

Ideal role: Product Management



Are the stereotypes about millennials true?

I don’t believe so. I have always been motivated to work hard at opportunities that have come my way and respect those that have had greater levels of experience in my industry. As I do not possess a university degree, I had to work from the very bottom and be prepared to take risks in my career, always with the aim of bettering myself. A number of jobs that I have taken have involved either major commutes or were based around older technology stacks. However, I believe that with the right attitude and perseverance you can achieve what you want in both work and personal life.


What benefits most attract you to a new position?

I would consider myself very fortunate to currently be in a position where I am based at home, so this would be a major consideration for me. Covering such a large and diverse territory such as EMEA means having to work with a varied group of people and cultures. I would struggle to work in a role that did not have this opportunity.


In the long term which of the following is most important to you? (Please explain why?)

  • Career development
  • Work/ life balance
  • Salary

Work/life balance for sure. I believe that to truly enjoy your job, you have to have enough time away from your desk and spend time applying your brainpower to other matters. I have always been one to enjoy coming to work on a Monday morning, but this is because I have had the time to enjoy my family, friends and hobbies.


What do you think most companies are getting wrong when hiring/ retaining younger workers?

I think companies need to focus on being able to mould younger employees into an ideal representative of the organisation. But this is sometimes overlooked. Ultimately, companies want to retain staff and build a workforce for the future. Having young employees that bring a fresh and hungry outlook on their career can be advantageous for employers.

Looking back, is there anything you’d change about the route you took to your current career?

I do not have any major regrets, as such. Currently I am in a position that I enjoy immensely, and this comes down to the people and organisations I have worked with in the past. I have always tried to be bold enough to make a change in my career when I have felt the time is right.


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