EDB Postgres CEO stays focused amid changing database times

It’s been, Google Search tells me, 10 years since last I spoke to EnterpriseDB, the relational database company that was among a mob of open source firms that followed in the footsteps of Red Hat and entered through the doors of enterprises that the Linux giant had earlier kicked in.

Times have changed a fair bit since then. Open source, once exotic and provocative, has settled in to become part of the corporate IT furniture while the database sector has become variegated with the rise of NoSQL, graph and other new approaches.

Throughout, EDB, the name the company prefers these days, has stuck with its strategy to commercialise the Postgres open source RDBMS “in the same way that Red Hat does with Linux,” CEO Ed Boyajian tells me over a recent phone call.

That approach in some ways appears to point him towards competing with some scary opposition in the shape of Oracle, IBM DB2 and Microsoft SQL Server. Indeed, Massachusetts-headquartered EDB used to best known for ticking the lion’s belly, having found ways to mimic Oracle functionality. Today, the company is a bit less focused on Oracle (more of which later) and the plan has broadened in scope a little

“What we’ve done is to build an enterprise-class and enterprise-oriented database to address that broad range of workloads,” Boyajian says. “[EDB is] a true core database company, developing and engineering database code in close combination with the community.”

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