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Chemistry Group CTO to scale psychometric hiring

Nominated as part of Human Resource Executive Magazine’s 2016 quest to identity the next great HR tech company (but not selected as the overall winner) Chemistry Group uses psychometric tests and algorithms to help organisations “define what great looks like” and find the people that match their job.

This is a fast growing area. A 2017 perspective piece by Deloitte last year [PDF] described the HR tech market as a whole as “undergoing one of the most disruptive years it has seen this decade” and highlighted a 60% increase in investor funding.

Now Chemistry Group has a new CTO who wants to help the company scale. The challenge, Ajai Sehgal tells me when we meet in London, is that the analysis is manual.

In a lot of ways I’m a bit premature with my meeting with Sehgal – he has only been in the post for a few days when I pop into the office. “At the moment I’m getting an understanding of the manual processes,” he says.

Loosely speaking, what happens at present is consultants visit clients and through questions tease out what the idea ideal personnel fit for that organisation would look like, then they take the information back to the office and apply their proprietary algorithm to model an answer. Automating the process would obviously provide streamlining and scaling opportunities for Chemistry Group, but could also highlight changes impacting the whole HR industry.

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