Appian CEO stays focused on the low-code road
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Appian CEO stays focused on the low-code road

The recent sale of Mendix to Siemens and the $360m funding round given to OutSystems have helped put the low-code PaaS application development movement front and centre of IT today.

‘Low-code', like any attempt to boil down a complex technology into a couple of words, isn't a perfect descriptor but Appian CEO Matt Calkins is surely on the side of the angels when he says it's preferable to Gartner's ‘Enterprise High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service'. But he baulks at the notion that his competition are the respectively Dutch and Portuguese-rooted companies that have been in the news.

"What they do is very successful and we respect all competitors but I would group Appian with Pega and have Salesforce on the side of Mendix and OutSystems," he tells me when we meet amid the opulence of the Savoy hotel in London.


"In Appian you never drop into code," Calkins says. "As soon as you do, that this is no longer authoritative, that derivation is broken, it doesn't upgrade properly…"

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