Is a failure to engage hindering tech's diversity efforts?
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Is a failure to engage hindering tech's diversity efforts?

Mivy James' history with technology is a long one.

"As a child we had a Sinclair ZX81 as a home computer and in those days if you wanted to play a game you basically had to code it yourself."

Armed with a Sinclair magazine bought by her parents, James, the head of consulting for national security and defense at BAE Systems, would studiously copy the programming language out and ultimately taught herself how to code.

"Then I started fiddling around with the games, maybe changing the colors or putting my name in some sort of picture that would appear on the screen.

"I've sort of always been surrounded by people with that kind of background and it was very much nurtured through the toys that we were bought as kids, which definitely helped to spark my interest."

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