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Grab two Lightning cables for just $10 today

It’s always a good idea to have a couple of extra Lightning cables on hand, but sometimes we get scared away by the insane prices they tend to go for. Today, though, Monoprice is letting you buy two six-foot MFi Certified Lighting Cables (in black or white) for just $10 if you enter the code SDXY at checkout. You can also pick up two black or white 10-foot Lighting cables for just $12 with the code SDYZ.

You’ll still have to pay a couple of bucks for shipping, but that’s not a bad price at all. For that matter, customers generally seem happy with them, as the cables command a rating of four out of five stars even after 1,335 user reviews.

As great as this price is, though, you shouldn’t expect magnificence. The reviews are also filled with customers saying the cables "break like clockwork" every few months.

Honestly, I’d expect that. I see these more as "emergency" Lightning cables that you stash into your glove compartment or nightstand rather than cables you bring along with you every day.

Still, plenty of people seem to use them all the time (and even replace them when they break). Just keep in mind that they’re likely going to let you down after too much heavy use.

On the bright side, these cables come in a variety of colors and some (such as the green variety) still deliver similar prices at checkout even with the normal discount.

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