Notion's home-monitoring system can now send a plumber at the first signs of a water leak

The Notion home-monitoring system, now in its second generation, is unique among smart home systems in that its multipurpose sensors can detect a host of conditions, including the presence of water where it shouldn’t be. Thanks to a new feature announced today, if one of your pipes springs a leak or your toilet overflows, the Notion hub will not just notify you of the problem, it will also give you the option to have HomeAdvisor connect you to a local plumber.

The new feature, dubbed Plumber Matching, gives Notion users who are alerted to a possible water leak the option of providing their contact information in response to the alert. This information is then forwarded HomeAdvisor, which will use it to match the customer to a local prescreened plumber. That plumber will then call the homeowner to offer their services.

You’ve probably seen one of HomeAdvisor’s ads (or one from its sister brand, Angie’s List) on TV. Fun fact: The company that owns both of those brands also owns, OKCupid, PlentyOfFish, and...Tinder.

Notion CEO and co-founder Brett Jurgens hinted that Plumber Matching won’t be the last collaboration to stem from its HomeAdvisor partnership. “We’ve started with Plumber Matching knowing that water is the biggest threat to a home,” Jurgens said. “But we’ve only scratched the surface of what’s possible.”

Plumber Matching could deliver a valuable user benefit if it results in an immediate call from a plumber as soon as a leak is detected, but an even better solution would be to have an option in the Notion app that sends a command to a smart water valve. Shut off your main water supply to prevent water damage, and then find a plumber to make a permanent fix.

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