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How can I upload photos from my camera to my iPad?

How can I upload photos from my camera to my iPad?

There are several ways to get images to your iPad from a camera. If you have an iPad with the original connector (that's iPads 1, 2 and 3) there's still the very handy Apple Camera Kit. It comes with two adaptors - one that enables you to connect a camera via its USB port and an SD Card adaptor.

The iPad 4 has a different type of connector; a Lightning port. Your old camera kit won't work with it - but there are new adaptors. Unfortunately, they're more expensive than the old camera kit. The Lightning to USB Camera Adaptor and Lightning to SD Card Reader are sold separately by the company. Each costs about the same as the combined camera kit for older models.

In either case, whether you slot in an SD card full of snaps or connect your camera via USB, your iPad will launch the Photos application and enable you to import images individually or in batches.

Another solution is to use Photo Stream to share files across devices. For example, connect your camera to your Mac and open iPhoto. You can add images to your iCloud enabled Photo Stream, making them available on any iOS or OS X device you sign in to. This enables you to download as many or few images as you want - and stream slideshows easily.

If you just need to transfer big batches of images, then Dropbox is a more officious workaround. You can have 2GB free storage on the service (rising to 18GB with referrals) and there's an easy-to-use app for your iOS devices. Simply connect your camera or upload images from an SD card to your Mac, then add them to a folder in your Dropbox. The shared folder syncs across all your devices. Best of all, this solution costs nothing.


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