Nextbit pledges to improve battery life with upcoming software update

Nextbit wants to puts its software smarts towards a problem that always vexes smartphone users: battery life.

A post on the Nextbit blog says the company will show off how it’ll make your battery last “significantly longer” with updates to the Nextbit OS, which of course powers its Robin smartphone.

Nextbit pointed to how its custom Android variant automatically backs up apps as the kind of creative thinking it can bring to battery life. The software will learn how you use your phone and make decisions about where to devote resources. 

In Q4 we will launch a new version of Nextbit OS that gets to know your habits and optimizes functions at the system level to ensure you get the most screen time possible. Just like with smart storage, we can apply this on top of the features Google has implemented in Marshmallow and even on what has been announced for N, compounding the power savings to offer you true peace of mind.

Another advantage is cost, as this means making a phone without the need for a giant battery. We’ll be sure to give this a spin once Nextbit rolls it out later this year.

Why this matters: The solution to giant phones has generally been giant batteries. If Nextbit can offer some leadership in this area, it could be a great innovation that could keep costs down and help our phones squeeze out some more hours of battery life throughout the day. On the other hand, we take all claims to make a really significant improvement in battery life through software with a grain of salt.

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