Google is rolling out the final build of the Android 7.1 Developer Preview

Android 7.1 will soon be spreading out beyond Google’s Pixel phone.

The final update to the Android 7.1 developer preview is now available, which means you can test it out on an approved Nexus device or tinker with the software if you’re a developer. Google says you’ll see the update “in the coming week” if you’re enrolled in the beta program. Or you can go flash it manually. Files are currently available for the Nexus 6P, 5X, and Pixel C.

Google’s blog post doesn’t mention the Google Assistant, so it appears that will remain an exclusive to the Pixel (and Allo app) for a while longer. However, you’ll be pretty close to getting the Pixel experience thanks to this update. It may also be worth checking in with the pretty active Google+ community that discussed the beta and offers troubleshooting tips.

To avoid confusion, this update will actually be called Android 7.1.1 when it's released. It incorporates some bug fixes and optimizations since the release of the Pixel, which shipped with 7.1. The Pixel will get an update to 7.1.1 in early December, when the final release lands on Nexus devices.

The impact on you: Android 7.1 offers several new features that will make your phone smarter and more useful. This will be welcome news to those who were fretting their Nexus 6P or other older device would be left out in the cold after Google bestowed so many innovations on the Pixel.

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