Sensoria's smart running socks now track your stats over time

Sensoria is setting out to dominate the fitness wearables market—at least for runners—without even needing a traditional fitness band. No, Sensoria is all about clothing. We’ve tested out the company’s smart running socks and sports bra, which are equipped with sensors and provide feedback on your running technique (the socks) and your heart rate (the bra). The tech is pretty incredible, and a recent update to its corresponding tablet and smartphone app makes this fitness gear even more useful. 

For the socks, the app now breaks down your stride data into a “foot impact score” that is pretty simple to understand—you’re either running correctly, or you’re running straight into a risk of injury. It still gives you a breakdown of your cadence and tips for how to improve your foot-striking position, in case you don’t quite like your daily score. The app previously showed you a heat map of your foot for every step of your run—which didn’t really make sense, unless you wanted to stare at your phone for the entire run. It also has a new dashboard that shows you data for six months’ worth of runs, all graphed out so you can see your progress.

Later this year, Sensoria is adding a social element to its app called Running Pals, linking together a community of runners so that you can compare stats. To keep you motivated, the app will connect you to runners who are slightly better than you (hey, you gotta keep that competitive edge, right?). 

Sensoria’s gear is available now: The socks cost $199 (for two pairs), the sports bra costs $139 (for women), and the shirt costs $149.

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