Renogy's solar generator charges in 3 hours, offers 900 watt hours of power

Solar panel supplier Renogy today announced an Indiegogo campaign to raise development money for a mobile solar generator that can charge in three hours and produce 900 watt-hours of power, enough to run a refrigerator for eight hours.

Renogy's Lycan Powerbox also features an interchangeable lithium-iron phosphate battery that allows you to extend the generator's power life.

With a pre-order price of $1,500, Renogy is charging a hefty premium for the clean solar power provided by the Powerbox. Gas-powered generators with 1,500 watts of power, enough to run refrigerators and televisions, can be purchased anywhere from about $150 to $600. And, the Powerbox will retail for $1,800 once it begins shipping in August.

Additionally, you'll have to purchase Renogy's solar panel to charge the generator's battery; that's an additional $200 for each panel. (They are selling a bundled flexible solar panel for the pre-order price of $100.)


A view of the LCD panel and outlets.

Using a single 100-watt solar panel, the Lycan Powerbox can fully charge in nine hours. With two solar panels, it can charge in four-and-a-half hours, or in three hours with three solar panels. The Powerbox can also charge in seven-and-a-half hours by plugging it into a standard wall outlet.

Renogy's Indiegogo campaign has raised more than $25,000 toward a $75,000 goal in the first day of a 30-day project.


What it can power.

The generator's lithium-iron phosphate batteries are rated to last up to 2,000 cycles (one cycle equals a full charge and discharge).

The generator's 300-watt capacity can power an LED flat screen TV for 11 hours,  a laptop for 8.5 hours or provide 120 charges for a smartphone, according to Renogy.

"Unlike standard batteries, you can keep The Lycan powered for longer periods of time with no risk of battery depletion. Our worry-free battery means you don't have to make sure it's fully charged every three months," Renogy stated in its marketing material.

The Powerbox, which weighs 60lbs and measures 18-in x 10-in x 13.1-in, is waterproof and comes with wheels for transporting it. It it safe to use indoors during emergencies as a way to reduce energy-related expenses, the company said.

The generator comes with an LCD display with information about available capacity, a DC input, three 5V USB ports, a 12V car charger output socket, a 12V DC output socket and three 110V AC outputs (the standard voltage for a wall outlet).

"Our vision has been very clear, we want to simplify solar power by making it affordable, reliable and easy to use," Yi Li, CEO of Renogy, said in a statement. "We need to impact the world through clean and safe energy products that are appealing and plug-and-play."

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