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T-Mobile tempts Verizon users to switch with a free one-year Hulu subscription

There’s nothing T-Mobile loves more than trolling the competition with offers aimed directly at customers of specific rivals. The latest target is Verizon. T-Mobile is giving away a free, one year Hulu subscription to any Big Red customers who switch their number to T-Mobile between Friday and next Thursday, December 17.

After signing up, switchers receive a text message with a Hulu gift code worth $100 that must be used before January 31, 2016.

The latest Verizon deal is part of T-Mobile’s 12 days of Christmas-styled marketing bonanza, called Un-carrier Unwrapped. Every week T-Mobile “unwraps” a new gift in the form of a deal. Sometimes the offer is for T-Mobile customers, sometimes for customers of other carriers.

In addition to Verizon, T-Mobile has also offered deals to AT&T and Sprint customers. The latter were offered $200 per line for switching, while AT&T customers were offered the chance to buy a 128GB iPhone 6s for the price of a 16GB version.

The story behind the story: T-Mobile’s deal for Verizon customers comes exactly one month after the company announced free, mobile video streaming for premium services such as HBO, Hulu, Netflix, SHOWTIME, Sling TV, STARZ, and WatchESPN. Called Binge On, the offering allows T-Mobile customers to view content on these services without it counting against their monthly data cap. T-Mobile says Binge On streams at DVD quality, which the company defines as 480p or better.

An extra Un-deal

In addition to Hulu, T-Mobile is offering half off select high-priced accessories such as smartwatches, bluetooth speakers, headphones, and fitness trackers. The catch with the accessories deal is Verizon switchers have to sign-up for a finance agreement paid off monthly. It’s not clear how much interest would be included in these finance agreements, but anyone interested will definitely want to read the fine print and have a calculator handy to figure out how much that Fitbit will really cost.

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