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Naming Digital Content for Greater Impact

By Bob Johnson, VP & Principal Analyst

Three Keys to Improve Asset Performance

Have you had debates over how you name new digital content assets for awareness and demand generation? Chances are you have and it can be a struggle to get agreement let alone get it right. From the thousands of demand generation and asset we’ve seen at IDG Connect there are several best practices that intend to improve the interest in what you have to say.

Keep Your Name Out of It

The moment you put your company name in an educational asset you raise questions for your audience about bias and intent. Avoid mentioning your name in the title or sub-title. Your legitimacy and expertise needs to shine through the content you deliver and how useful and relevant you make it.

State the Topic and How the Insight is Actionable

Consider if what you have to say is a nice to know or need to know. If you just mention the topic you fail to convey the driving need addressed by the asset. As important, when you mention the topic the title or subtitle must help them understand what they can do with the information. Buyers love action steps, lists and best practices. For example, you might have the top ten considerations for cloud security and name your asset:

The Top Ten Priorities for Cloud Security

In this case the buying team member is expected to make the connection to their need. Now here is an alternative title.


How to Map Cloud Security Priorities to Your Enterprise

Turn the Top Ten Opportunities into Measurable Impact


The difference is clear in that it tells me who you are talking to, how and what you will learn and the value or impact.


Identify Your Audience

In the alternative example above we take a first step to enable the buyer to understand demographic relevance by mentioning enterprise. But two other areas enable the buyer to orient themselves, role and interest. Role is defined as decision maker, recommender/influencer or consultant. Interest can be financial, technical or business impact.

Now let’s rework our alternative title to first include role and interest, specifically decision makers and business impact.

Technology Decision Makers Speak: Cloud Security Priorities for the Enterprise


The Top Five Business Impact Opportunities

Rather than putting all of the opportunities in one asset I can have two more based on the available insight.

Technology Decision Makers Speak: Cloud Security Priorities for the Enterprise

A Look at how to Maximize the Top Five Financial Benefits


Technology Decision Makers Speak: Cloud Security Priorities for the Enterprise


The Top Five Technical Performance and Resource Impact Areas

Make the asset titles clear, concise and specific enough. Don’t try to cover the waterfront with too general a title. Rather, break your content up into areas and offer the relevant that buyers crave. 



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VP & Principal Analyst, IDG Connect

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