GoToMyPC hit with hack attack; users need to reset passwords

If you use Citrix’s GoToMyPC remote desktop access service, you need to change your password. According to a post published to GoToMyPC’s system status page, the service experienced a hack attack this weekend, and it’s now requiring all users to reset their passwords before logging in to the service.

“Unfortunately, the GoToMYPC service has been targeted by a very sophisticated password attack,” the update reads. “To protect you, the security team recommended that we reset all customer passwords immediately.”

According to GoToMyPC, it wasn’t immediately clear that it was experiencing an attack: On Saturday, users reported being unable to log into their accounts, and were being forced to reset their password. Several hours later, GoToMyPC warned users of the attack.

Before you next use GoToMyPC, you’ll have to  reset your password. GoToMyPC recommends that you use a complex password that isn’t just a word straight out of the dictionary. It also suggests using two-step verification to help prevent attackers from accessing your account. For tips on how to create strong but memorable passwords, see our previous article on how to build better passwords.

And as always, don’t use the same password for multiple online service accounts. If you did, change those passwords as well, and watch those accounts for any suspicious activity.

Disclosure: The author of this article provides copywriting services to TechSoup, a nonprofit organization that works with Citrix and many other technology companies to provide nonprofits with technology products and services. His role at TechSoup does not influence his work for this publication.

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