LG looks to distinguish its upcoming G6 flagship phone with a high-res, ultra-wide display

While LG preps its new G6 phone for a likely release at this year’s Mobile World Congress, we’re beginning to learn a little more about the first flagship of the year. Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that the new phone would move away from the modular system introduced with the G5, and now we’ve got some details about the G6’s most important feature: the screen.

In a report by the Korea Herald, LG Display has confirmed that the upcoming G6 will feature a 5.7-inch Quad HD LCD screen with a super-wide ratio of 18:9. According to the report, the new display panel will be dubbed QHD+ and “represents LG Display’s direction on how displays should evolve.”

If the screen size seems strange, that’s because it is. Traditional widescreen displays are 16:9, but LG is adding extra width to the G6 “will provide users with greater immersion than previous displays and allow consumers to multitask by using (Nougat’s) dual-screen feature.” Additionally, the screen will feature a higher resolution than the G5’s 1440 x 2560 screen. As the company explains, “LG Display’s new 5.7-inch panel called QHD+ has a resolution of 1,440x2,880 with 564 PPI, which is higher than conventional QHD LCDs.”

LG Display also told the publication that the display will be thinner and more responsive than its previous screens, utilizing the company’s In-Touch technology to “reduce the thickness of the panel and width of the bezel,” which should result in a thinner, sleeker look for the G6. And users will also be able to see the display better in direct sunlight and worry less about battery life, as the screen is said to use 30 percent less power than prior QHD displays.

Why this matters: LG may be struggling to carve out much of a niche in the increasingly competitive smartphone world, but its display business is thriving. You can find already them in products from the iPhone 7 to the Tesla Model 3, so you bet the QHD+ screen will be making an appearance beyond the G6. And with immersive being the new buzz word in tech, wider screens like this could soon become the norm.

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