Twitter provides mission control dashboard for Fabric mobile apps

Developers who use Twitter's Fabric mobile apps development suite will soon have a mission control dashboard that provides metrics for mobile applications. 

The mission control application is intended to provide a view of the "pulse" of apps. It aims to help developers answer two basic questions: How  is an application performing and what needs attention? The dashboard unites in a single place application data such as tracking of crashes and monitoring of user behavior. Metrics that are tracked include monthly active users, new users, and crash-free users. 

Fabric is a modular, cross-platform development suite that debuted in 2014. It features kits for purposes such as crash reporting, analytics, identity, monetization, and infrastructure. Developers also can embed tweets in their applications.

"Since we launched the Fabric mobile app for developers in February, we've been using Fabric's Web dashboard -- -- to stay on top of how our own app is performing," said Mikeal Bajaj, Twitter product manager. "Many times we found ourselves switching back and forth between different dashboards for our production and dog food builds. Knowing that many of you monitor a lot more apps every day, we set out to build something that can make this experience completely seamless and empower you to know your apps' performance easily at any moment."

Access to the dashboard is expected to be rolled out within the next few days. "Once it's enabled on your account, it will automatically be set as your default starting page when visiting," Bajaj said.

Fabric features toolkits for iOS and Android apps as well as games. The venture represented Twitter's first move into services. Twitter rolled out Fabric following its acquisition of bug-tracking tool provider Crashlytics, which featured the same team that developed Fabric.

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