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You&Me is HowAboutWe's take on messaging for the 'modern couple'

HowAboutWe is all about love: Making matches in the form of its main dating site and keeping the spark alive with its date-night concierge service for couples. Now the popular service is launching You&Me, a messaging app for iOS and Android designed to keep you close to your significant other.

You&Me isn't just a run-of-the-mill messaging service--after all, no one needs a special app just to text a partner. The app instead offers a slew of media-rich features, like Snapchat-esque disappearing photos--complete with steam your lover has to "wipe away" to see the image before it clouds up again--a photo booth, video and voice messages, and song-sharing via Rdio and Spotify.

"I've spent years now thinking about relationships, talking to people who are in relationships about their experience using digital products," said HowAboutWe cofounder and co-CEO Aaron Schildkrout. "One of the most fundamental desires that people have expressed is a better way of staying connected, and that includes checking in throughout the day, having a beautiful library of their past and the experiences they've shared together. We set out to build precisely the ideal communication platform for the modern couple."

Messaging apps, social networks, and the Internet as a whole have been criticized for removing human interaction from the equation, but Schildkrout said You&Me will bring people even closer.

"Love gets consecrated through texting these days," he said. "A lot of people think of the Internet and technology as interfering with closeness, as getting in the way of intimacy, as an obstacle to overcome. I believe quite the opposite, that technology can enhance our most important relationships. In building You&Me, that was very much what our team was thinking about: How do we build an app that enhances the experience of falling in love?"

You&Me isn't the first app intended exclusively for couples. Couple and Between have different features, but serve a similar purpose: Connecting you to the most important person in your life. But You&Me has an advantage: It's already tied to a popular dating service with 2.7 million users, 500,000 of them using the Couples concierge service alone. The app isn't yet integrated with HowAboutWe Couples, which is currently available in five cities, but the company has plans to let couples book dates directly within You&Me. First, HowAboutWe focused on building an app that couples could use in any city.

If You&Me gathers steam, it would build a user base for HowAboutWe to tap into when it launches the Couples date-night planner in more cities. Couples doesn't yet have its own app, though Schildkrout said it's in the works.


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