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ECBC Poseidon Messenger is a colorful briefcase-style bag

Every ECBC bag we've tested so far has had few things in common: excellent materials, intuitive design, a ton of useful pockets, and a professional look. In that, the ECBC Poseidon Messenger bag is no different--this briefcase-style messenger feels durable and sturdy, has a slim compact profile, and features 12, count 'em 12, generously sized pouches and pockets.

Much like the rest of ECBC's lineup, the Poseidon is constructed from lightweight 1000 denier Kodra material, which is both abrasion- and water-resistant. The Poseidon is available in five colors (black, blue, green, linen, and berry), and it can carry laptops up to 13 inches. The bag measures 14.5 inches by 12.2 inches by 3.5 inches and is extremely light to carry, even when packed full. The Poseidon has a fairly slender profile--this is not a bag that will be capable of carrying cameras, your spare pair of sneakers, or a brown-bagged lunch, but it does have a clean, professional look that'll fit right in at business meetings.

The Poseidon has one main compartment that features the laptop sleeve, two mesh pockets with Velcro closures, and a larger pouch that also closes with Velcro. Underneath the front flap lies a large zippered pouch, two more Velcro-enclosed pouches, a front pocket, and four slots for pens. In addition to all this storage, the Poseidon has two side pockets--one mesh pouch and a zippered, expandable water bottle pocket--as well as a large zippered compartment on the front flap for items you want within easy reach, like your passport.

The rear of the bag features the breathable mesh padding found on many ECBC bags, as well as a trolley pass-through feature designed to allow the bag to be slipped over the handle of your rolling luggage, for easy travel. The pass-through was one of my (very) few qualms about the bag--it has a strip of Velcro along the top to keep it closed when not in use. But if that Velcro was on the bottom instead, I could use it as another pocket. Even so, I found it handy to open the pass-through and hang a sweater or scarf.

The Poseidon's front flap also features Velcro closures, which may be a wee bit of overkill considering you can also close the top flap using the buckles. Both the shoulder strap and handle are well padded, although it would have been nice to be able to "lock" the shoulder padding in one place, as I found it had a tendency to slip around a lot.

Overall, however, the Poseidon is a solid--if smallish--messenger: the laptop compartment was a bit tight (but I didn't remove the modular foam blocks in the bottom, which may have made a difference). Likewise, the pockets, while numerous, were not quite as expandable as I had hoped. The bag seems determined to keep its profile slim, which is fine unless you need to carry something that isn't flat. However, if you're looking for a durable briefcase-style bag, the Poseidon has all the well-thought-out details that ECBC is known for, such as the YKK water resistant zippers. As with most ECBC bags, I had trouble actually finding enough stuff to go into all the various pockets--but that shouldn't be taken as a complaint.

If you just need a work bag--not a bag that can also go to the grocery store or the gym--you'll be more than happy with the Poseidon. If you're looking for a messenger that's a catch-all for every item you handle throughout your day, you may be better off with a Slappa or a larger ECBC, since this company has been hitting it out of the park lately.


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