Microsoft's Next lock screen gets more secure and useful with major update

Microsoft’s Next, a customized lock screen app for Android devices, might be just the solution if you want more flexibility with what shows up on your phone.

This stock lock screen alternative got a pretty big update on Tuesday that enables it to work with your phone’s fingerprint unlock feature and perform other magic with your existing applications. You can also notify Next about where your home and work locations are, so the app can manage different unlock rules depending upon where you are.

The Next lock screen gives you quick access to frequently-used applications and makes other adjustments based on your location.

Microsoft says you can also change up the wallpapers based on your location, so you can pick one that suits your work or home mood a little better. The app will walk you through how to enable all of these features, as you’ll need to turn off the default lock screen so you don’t have to unlock your phone twice.

The latest version of the Next lock screen is rolling out now in the Google Play Store

The impact on you: One of the perks of Android is the ability to make adjustments to its stock features, like changing up your phone’s lock screen. Microsoft Next is a good option, though there are plenty of other alternatives if Google’s stock offering isn’t doing it for you. Next also offers a beta option inside the app, so sign up if you want to try out the latest features (and you don’t mind a few bugs).

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