Turn sheet music into an easy-to-learn game with the One Smart Piano

Learning how to play an instrument is a tough slog, but the makers of a new digital piano are making it easier by lighting the way—literally.

The $1500 One Smart Piano, which is the only Made for iPhone-certified digital piano on the market, has a corresponding app called Smart Piano that lets you choose from more than 2000 pieces of sheet music using an iPad mounted above the keys. Once you select a song, an LED light strip above the keys syncs with the app to guide you through the music using colored lights, even if you can’t tell a treble clef from a bass. The more affordable $300 One Light Keyboard has backlit keys that change colors to show you which to tap.

Playing piano can be as easy as playing Guitar Hero. Who knew?

The Smart Piano app even lets you turn songs into games, similar to Guitar Hero.

The company points to studies that show that just 12 percent of people who take piano lessons stick with them for more than a year, and says the One Smart Piano can be a more effective teacher than a human instructor.

One Smart Piano and One Light Keyboard are both available to buy online and retail stores.

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