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Free Game Friday: Love the line

Lines, man. Those thin little one-dimensional shapes make up our entire world. Written languages, architecture, art and math are just a few examples of what wouldn't exist without them. It's time they get a chance to shine in the free-to-play flash game world, and I'm here to give it to 'em.

If lines seem like a silly thing to base a game on, you're probably right, but these are fun (and free) so have at it!

Ancient Greek Geometry

Did the title alone put you to sleep already? Well the lack of graphics probably won't help. Ancient Greek Geometry is definitely for the eggheads looking to challenge a lazy Friday afternoon. Well it's time to pull out that old compass (the math one, with the pointy end and a pencil) and start drawing some concentric circles.

Start with two points on a blank plane. Use your mouse to draw the radius of a circle, which will lock into place if it intersects with another point. Continue to draw circles and lines between points until you complete some of the challenges listed. They start off easy: create a triangle in as few steps as possible or create two circles that intersect only on the edge. You will quickly find out that if you were bad at geometry in high school, you'll still probably have a difficult time now. Math + shapes = a fun headache.


This is just a little HTML5 prototype at the moment, more of an idea really, but it's still completely playable--and difficult. In 1D you traverse through some fairly simple mazes, nothing to sweat about, that is until you have to do it through a one-dimensional perspective.

All you get is a bar to show you what is directly in front of you. Black is a wall, yellow indicates the direction you are facing, green is your goal and red is a mean wall that makes you start over. You can cheat and bring the map up, but then how would you feel about yourself? For shame!

Spiderman City Raid

Alright, this is a bit of a stretch. Spiderman doesn't use "lines" to swing around, he uses a web--but I'll be damned if you can notice a difference in Spiderman City Raid! Swing away to the classic sounds of Ram Jam's "Black Betty" (bam-a-lam)!

Use your elastic, sticky superpower to swing from obstacles and platforms, gaining speed until you can't possibly control the amazing arachnid anymore. Once he falls, your score is tallied and you're kicked back to the beginning--and the addictive game play will have you clicking "Start" again. Unfortunately, I think Spiderman partied a little too hard because his lifeless ragdoll body can't even support itself. Remember kids: don't drink and swing.


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