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Google Fiber to use existing fiber optic cable in San Francisco

Google Fiber announced Wednesday it will use existing fiber optic cables in San Francisco to bring its gigabit Internet service to some apartments, condos and affordable housing properties instead of building the fiber from scratch.

Using existing fiber brings the service to residents more quickly, said Michael Singer, director of business operators at Google Fiber, in a blog.

Google has already tapped into existing fiber for a number of apartment buildings in Atlanta’s suburbs. The company also is working with Huntsville, Ala., to use the city’s planned municipal fiber network.

Singer also said that some public and affordable housing in San Francisco will be connected for free. A similar Google initiative was announced in early February for the Kansas City area, where up to 1,300 families will benefit.

In 2012, Kansas City became the first Google Fiber location in the U.S.

Google Fiber is committed to bringing the service to 10 metropolitan areas. In addition to Kansas City, Google Fiber is also now in Atlanta, Austin, Texas, and Provo, Utah.

In San Francisco, Google is working with the Nonprofit Technology Network to host a fellowship to teach people how to use computers to apply for jobs, set up email and use the web.

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