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DigiX is an inexpensive, powerful Arduino-compatible board with onboard Wi-Fi

Last August, a hardware engineer launched a Kickstarter campaign for a tiny Arduino-compatible chip called the DigiSpark. It's about the size of a quarter, and it's super inexpensive. Erik Kettenburg, the creator of the DigiSpark, is back on Kickstarter, and he's looking to fund his next Arduino-compatible development board, the DigiX.

The DigiX's main selling point is its onboard Wi-Fi that lets you easily connect it to the Internet without having to buy a special shield (a type of add-on board) for it. The DigiX also supports mesh networking, which allows it to connect to other devices and relay signals between them without requiring a router.

Erik designed the board to be completely compatible with the existing Arduino IDE without any sort of modifications, so it can handle any shield that would work with an Arduino Due. It will pack more features than the Due as well, and at $60, it still costs nearly the same amount as a Due alone, whereas an Arduino Due and a Wi-Fi shield will run you around $150 together. This makes for a great way to get in on developing Wi-Fi-enabled electronics at an affordable price.

I've already ordered one for myself, and if the success of the DigiSpark is any indication, these are going to go fast. So hop on over to their Kickstarter page and grab one of the early bird specials if you can.

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