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Google may be the last calculator you'll ever need

Many of us rely on Google to find things on the Internet. But what you may not know is that the Google search bar also makes a heck of a calculator--useful if you're like me and still have to rely on your fingers to perform basic math. But it can do more than that: It can tell you how many liters are in 3.9 gallons or the currency exchange rates between the Euro and the Yen. 

Calculate those numbers

Type in any basic math equation into a Google search to get the result. It even supports many of the advanced functions that you'd find on a scientific calculator, such as sine, cosine, tangent, exponents, and factorials. You can even switch between using radians and degrees.

As a bonus, you can tell it what to calculate using plain English instead of mathematical symbols, so you can just type "square root of 28" instead having to hunt down the


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