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Juniper's SDSN is a game changer in security play: Matt Hurley

Juniper Networks has been at the forefront of providing IT security solutions to organizations since the company’s inception in mid-nineties.

However, the networking giant seems to have slowed down its focus on security, compared to other niche vendors. Even their closest foe Cisco has been uber aggressive by acquiring several security-focused companies in the past couple of years.

In an interaction with CSO India, Mather Hurley, corporate VP, global channels, Juniper highlighted that the company has enough steam to fight Cisco’s swelled portfolio. 

Matt said, “Juniper is completely committed to the security business. We are open to competing again with the industry vendors. We take pride in Juniper's innovations across networking and security solutions over the years.”

“We have relaunched a brand new roadmap in the security space, from low end firewalls that goes right up the stack. We have addressed security on lots of different fronts, including going back to the channel partners to re-embrace this marketplace," he added. 

Though there are some gaps in the stack at present, yet the overall security picture at Juniper is well-etched and long term for its enterprise customers, said Hurley. 

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Highlighting an important thing, Matt said, the fact is that firewalls will be important for the security posture and they will not go away. “However, there have been several IoT breaches, ransomware attacks, and there are new form factors that will contribute to the posture in the future. There will be a large firewall market, but something beyond that space which is more crucial is now being addressed by Juniper’s SDSN,” he added.

Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN) by Juniper is a security architecture that transforms an organization’s network into a single and holistic defense domain, wherein every element becomes an enforcement point. This is the future of network security, said Hurley.

We have end customers who have gone live with SDSN by setting up their cloud, validating the threats, figuring out policy control and other related activities. SDSN is really our key differentiator and new market positioning for companies strengthening their security posture from all kinds of cybersecurity threats in the digital era.

Will IoT and mobility be the real business enablers or open the gateway for hackers in the connected era?  It might be both, Matt explained, “the smartphone today carries the bulk of your personal life and professional work, including hundreds of apps. We in the tech industry know more about the implications of the security hazards from an IoT perspective and mobile devices.”

“What brings motivation to our business, our partners and to our economies is when people who are not in the technology industry adopt these trends. It is in the best interest to understand the security aspect and adapt the software security aspect (in addition to hardware gear) across the network,” he added.

As cybercrime continues to become more sophisticated, businesses need to rethink their age-old defense strategies, said Hurley. Juniper’s SDSN enables companies to build their next-generation security posture around automated and actionable intelligence. This can be shared to quickly recognize and mitigate threats.

Juniper’s SDSN gives a holistic end-to-end network visibility that secures the entire network - physical and virtual.

“CISOs protect one endpoint, but often forget to protect other points in the network. Juniper’s SDSN gives a holistic end-to-end network visibility that secures the entire network - physical and virtual,” he added. 

Juniper is also enabling their channel partners globally to move on from the traditional hardware mind-set in the security space. And SDSN is a perfect example in their transition, he said.   

“We have a massive enablement push in security around SDSN, by reaching through our partners and managed elite partners globally. In several cases, we are running tests with SDSN with firewall technology on top, and we are getting wins,” said Matt Hurley of Juniper Networks.

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