Apple surveying MacBook Pro customers: Do you use that headphone jack or nah?

Say it ain’t so, Tim. Say it ain’t so.

Via MacRumors comes a disturbing story about Apple surveying MacBook Pro owners about whether they really use various ports on the device.

If this is Apple trying to decide if the MacBook Pro should lose its SD card slot or heaven forfend, the headphone jack, I for one am aghast. There is plenty of room in a MacBook Pro for a headphone jack! Even the MacBook has a headphone jack (for now, anyway), and it’s so cramped on the inside thanks to a massive array of terraced batteries that Apple had to shrink its logic board down to the size of Barbie’s Dream Computer.

But the MacBook Pro, that’s the big one. That’s for people who need to plug things in. Right? Right?!


Anyway, if you get this survey, please do everyone a solid and tell Apple that of course you use the headphone jack on your MacBook Pro. Thanks.

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