Skulpt Chisel will tell you the cold, hard truth about your body fat

It’s one thing to know you really should tone up your muscles. It’s another thing entirely to see the cold, hard numbers. Skulpt Chisel, a gadget that made its debut at CES on Tuesday, is both a blessing and a curse. The $99 Bluetooth device makes it super simple to assess your body fat percentage and muscle quality, but then it makes feel like you should do something about it.

Chisel works using 12 sensors on its back to send electrical currents through 24 individual muscles in your body. Use the Skulpt app to choose which muscle you want to scan, then spray the sensors on the Chisel with water before placing the device against your skin. In seconds, the app tells you the muscle’s fat percentage and calculates its quality. Anything higher than 100 is above average. In the 60ish range? You need to tone up.

Skulpt is working on an app update that will help you do just that. Once it learns the state of your overall muscle tone, the app will eventually offer personalized fitness advice to tone up problem areas.

Forget callipers and pinch tests. I’m looking forward to using Chisel on myself and facing the reality that my biceps really do need some help. The device starts shipping next month, after it wraps up an Indiegogo campaign.

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