Google Maps highlights foodie photos and your upcoming places in the latest beta update

Even if a restaurant has an adventurous menu and a bustling crowd, you’re not guaranteed it will satisfy your taste buds.

Sometimes you just need to see how the food looks, as it can be deciding factor between trying it out or heading for the nearest fast food joint. 

The latest beta of Google Maps solves this for you, putting all those foodie uploads in an easy-to-find spot. You’ll see a prominent From the menu section that takes you into a slideshow of tastiness.

Food pictures can let you know whether it’s worth trying out this restaurant or moving on to somewhere else. 

There’s also a handy button to upload your own photos if you spot something worth sharing.

The other major addition is a new tab under Your Places that pulls out where you’re headed according to your Gmail and Google Calendar. Touch any of the items to see where they are on the map.

The new Upcoming tab can help you more quickly find the places you’re planning to visit.

When you tap the overflow button (three dots) for each event, you’re able to view the details from Gmail or Google Calendar. You can also dismiss it from this screen.

To check out the latest goodies, be sure you have version 9.38 of Google Maps beta from the Play Store or APK Mirror.

The impact on you: These new features serve as a good reminder that if you want the absolute latest features from Maps, you should jump on the beta channel. It’s very stable and offers a good way to check out what’s new before it hits the mainstream.

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