The Google Phone app now zaps spam callers on Nexus and Android One phones

Spam calls are the worst. You go to answer an unsuspecting number, and suddenly you’re getting hassled about unclaimed assets in Bolivia.

The Google Phone app wants to help. An exclusive to Nexus and Android One phones, the latest update uses the company’s search smarts to flag bad actors. You’ll see a large, red bar warn you when there’s an incoming call that Google thinks is potential spam. You’re then able to reject it, report the number to Google, or choose to answer the call.


You can’t miss the large, red warning when a spam caller tries to contact you.

To get this working, Google says you need to enable caller ID and update to the latest version. You can grab this from the Play Store or APK Mirror. You can try to install this on a non-Nexus phone, but there’s no guarantee that it will work.

The impact on you: Google likes to give little perks to differentiate the Nexus line from others. The Google Phone app is one of the stronger exclusives, as it puts caller ID and other location-aware smarts right into the dialer. It’s an app we’d love to see Google make available for others through the Play Store, but for now the company is keeping this one in the exclusive column.

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