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Two years ago, GE Healthcare faced a challenge: It had to transition its Centricity EDI Services Clearinghouse off of its existing platform to something new — and it had to do it without interrupting the flow of business.

A unit of General Electric, GE Healthcare provides medical systems and services, and its clearinghouse serves more than 2,100 healthcare organizations in the U.S., processing some 588 million claims that annually represent $185 billion in transactions.

For years, Centricity EDI Services used an integration engine from Oracle — until the vendor announced that it planned to retire the product.

A cross-functional team that included staffers from product management, engineering, architecture, and systems and services chose Talend ESB as the replacement. Then the GE Healthcare IT team set three main goals. The first was not to cause any disruption to existing customers during the transition. The second was to comply with external industry standards and consistently meet or exceed internal standards for turnaround times, and the third was to foster growth in transaction volume.

All of those goals have been realized, says software manager Sunder Bharadwajan.

Today, GE Healthcare's insurance claims and reimbursement systems are functioning flawlessly, Bharadwajan says. "We have seen that Talend can handle twice the peak transaction volume that our previous solution was able to manage with similar hardware," he says.

Migrating transaction processing capabilities to the Talend platform has resulted in faster transaction turnaround times, says Scott Rothman, director of operations at GE Healthcare.

For example, the time between when the clearinghouse receives insurance claims and when those claims are processed will be reduced. "When you consider the number of transactions our clearinghouse processes each day," Rothman says, "any time saved per transaction — no matter how little — makes a big difference."

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