Google's official Wallpapers app is now in the Play Store

Google is offering you a tiny taste of the Pixel experience on your Android phone.

The official Wallpaper picker that is part of the Pixel launcher is now an app on the Play Store, although the best features are still reserved for Google’s new phone.

You get access to some impressive imagery. Categories include Earth, Landscapes, Cityscapes, Life, and Textures. The Wallpapers app will also tap into your own photo gallery or wallpapers that came with any custom launchers you have installed. I was able to install and use this app right away on a Nexus 5X:

Choose from the very impressive images available in Google’s own Wallpapers app.

However, the best stuff is reserved for the Pixel: namely the Live Data, Live Earth, and New elements categories. If you do get a Pixel, the Live Earth is particularly cool, with your wallpaper showing a real-time perspective of the globe and where the sun is hitting with live cloud data. The Live Data category features live wallpapers that change based on factors such as the amount of charge your phone has left, how busy your day is, or the weather.

Wallpapers is available for any device running Android 4.1 or higher. You can get it now in the Play Store.

The impact on you: This is definitely worth grabbing, if for no other reason than to have access to a nice vault of wallpapers. The app is also better laid out than a lot of third-party skins found on Samsung, LG, and other phones. Don’t discount that this might also serve as a nice gateway drug to lure you into a Pixel.

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