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F5 Networks brings back retired exec after CEO resigns over "personal conduct"

F5 Networks, the Seattle-based application delivery networking company with an increasingly cloud-oriented focus, has announced that CEO and President Manuel Rivelo has resigned "for matters regarding personal conduct unrelated to the operations or financials of the Company."

Or as F5 spins it in its press release headline on Monday: "F5 Networks Announces Appointment of Long-Time F5 Executive John McAdam as President and CEO."

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Indeed, McAdam joined F5 in 2000 and served as CEO and President until this July, when he retired (he did stay on with the company as Chairman of the Board). But this unexpectedly has proven to be one heck of a short-lived retirement for McAdam, who led the company during a period when revenue grew to $1.7B.

F5 Networks

John McAdam's retirement as F5 CEO didn't last long

Nevertheless, in public statements issued by F5, McAdam takes the high road in thanking Rivelo for his "many contributions to F5 over the past four years." McAdam and new non-Executive Chairman of the Board Alan Higginson stressed, however, that the resignation had nothing to do with "operations or financials."

Rivelo was a long-time Cisco executive with experience overseeing sales, operations and development groups. He spoke to Network World Editor in Chief John Dix over the summer about where F5 would be headed next.

As ZK Research's Zeus Kerravala wrote in Network World in April, Rivelo had big shoes to fill at F5. Though as it turns out, Rivelo was merely keeping them warm.

The Board now begins its search for a permanent successor as President and CEO.

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