Snag that studio apartment in a second with Lovely's new service

Looking for an apartment is a little like hanging out in any of the many circles of hell: Between sketchy Craigslist postings, endless open houses, and stacks of renter applications, the whole thing feels like a punishment designed by Dante himself. And don't even get me started on the fierce competition that occurs over any halfway decent listing--Sparta had less plotting and fighting than your average open house.

Lovely, an apartment listing search service, upped the ante today by integrating several new features turning it into the first virtual apartment marketplace. Now, in addition to using Lovely's clean, easy interface to search for apartments, you can also secure that sweet studio directly through the app.

Not only does Lovely now make it easier to act quickly and grab an awesome apartment--the new system, Apply with Lovely, allows users to fill out one application which can then be sent to (multiple) listings with a single click which is pretty neat, but not free (each application as a fee of $20).

Because Lovely has partnered with Experian, a free credit report is included, as are all the credentials you include in your renter profile such as move-in date, co-tenants, and annual income.

Because landlords can view your pertinent details in your Renter Card, they know right off the bat if you have pets, if you have a job, and what your ideal move-in date is.

You can still use Lovely's search to filter results in your area, but now users will also have access to a Lovely inbox where they can view all the listings they've applied to as well as communicate directly with a potential landlord.

Now if only they could do something to keep me from sobbing uncontrollably on the floor about the rental prices in San Francisco......


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