Pat yourself on the back with Recur, the reverse to-do list

A good to-do list can make you more productive, it's true. It can also excel at making you feel like crap.

See, the thing about a to-do list is that, by definition, the things on it aren't done. Every day you're confronted with a (growing!) list of all the things you haven't done.

My friends, that is no way to live.

If you've ever done something, then gone back and put it on your to-do list just so you can cross it off, you should check out Recur, a $1 app for iPhone.

Recur is a list of things you've done, and how long ago you did them. When you do one of them again, you can add a tally, and the timer will start over.

If you really want to set an alarm to remind yourself to accomplish a task again at a specific time in the future, you can--but you shouldn't! That's a task!

Recur is great for those things you know you have to do every so often, but for whatever reason you aren't disciplined enough to do them on a schedule, or you just don't want to bog yourself down with extra deadlines. (And good for you; life is short.)

Changing the sheets. Mopping the floor. Watering the plants. Calling your best friend. Taking the kids out for ice cream. Vacuuming out the car. These are the kinds of things that Recur is great at tracking.

Adding new items is easy. They default to having been done "seconds ago" but the date dials let you roll that back to a date in the past, if you spaced on adding yesterday's accomplishments. A green circle shows how many times you've done that thing, and gray text explains how long it's been.

Tap the number to advance it by one, which also resets the clock. Now you'll always know how long it's been since you fed the fish, because lord knows neither of you remember.

Recur is $1 in the App Store, and worth it.


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