Unboxing the Pixel phone: A 22-minute journey through first impressions

Last Thursday feels like eons ago. Yet that was the day I received my Pixel XL review unit, and since that time I’ve been digging deep into Google’s new smartphone experience, discovering new tricks and features almost by the hour. But it all started on Thursday with the unboxing video that I’ve shared above.

Blair Hanley Frank, a reporter for IDG News Service, also received a Pixel XL review unit, and he’s an iPhone user—so his observations during the unboxing might prove useful to those fully committed to Team Apple. Gordon Mah Ung, PCWorld’s lead hardware enthusiast, also pipes in to stir up the muck.

Interested in more coverage? Please check out the official Greenbot Pixel XL review by Jason Cross, as well as my deep dive that argues Pixel XL is the Android phone to beat. In short order, we’ll also have a camera test that compares the Pixel’s camera to what’s offered by the LG V20, iPhone 7 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy Edge.

The Pixel is a big deal, people, and our coverage has only just begun.

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