Master Class: Digital Edge 25 honorees pioneer the digital-centric enterprise

Digital transformation is a popular buzzphrase with various definitions. But while there may be confusion about what the term means, the bottom line for the initiatives it’s used to describe is always the same: Did the project deliver results? At these 25 organizations, the answer is yes.

IDG's Digital Edge 25 awards recognize digital transformation initiatives with significant, measurable business impact. We enlisted a panel of executives, including past winners, to evaluate projects on complexity, scale, business outcomes and innovation.

Spanning more than a dozen industries, the winning entries include home health devices that feed data into electronic medical records via smartphones and novel ideas that became real-world business ventures through the use of sophisticated back-end software integration and simple user interfaces.

Download this PDF report to read details of each of the 25 winning projects, which were featured at IDG's annual AGENDA conference.

Download the PDF report: 25 stories of digital success. Computerworld Editorial

Award winner: UPS puts customers in control (video)

In this video clip, UPS team leaders Andrew Van Beek, systems manager for customer technology, and Andrew Tibbs, marketing director, discuss how the company's technology and marketing teams worked together to deliver the award-winning UPS Access Point network and UPS My Choice. The integrated system offers customers unprecedented control over their deliveries by allowing them to reroute packages to an Access Point location when they're not home for delivery.

Award winner: How agile came to life at Discover (audio)

Discover adopted agile for delivery of a new omni-channel feature called FreezeIt, which allows customers to instantly freeze their credit cards if misplaced or stolen. Behind this seemingly simple tap on a phone, however, lies a project that involved 40 teams and 11,000 hours in a relatively compact nine months. Listen to this audio clip to learn about Discover’s award-winning project as well as the ins and outs of its agile implementation.

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