Google Fit update finally brings strength training feature to all Android Wear 2.0 watches

Whether you have a new Android Wear 2.0 watch or a first-gen model that just received an update, they’re about to get a lot more buffed. We already know the new Google Fit app brings a bunch of new trackers and motivators for workout buffs, but in the latest update, Google is finally turning on the best new feature.

Back when we reviewed the LG Sport and Style watches, we noted a strange difference between them regarding one of Google Fit’s better features. On the Sport, we were able to activate Strength Training, which used the watch’s sensors to automatically track what we were doing (situps, weight lifting, etc.) and count our reps. But on the Style that option wasn’t present, and we couldn’t figure out why.

Apparently there wasn’t a good reason. The new Google Fit Android Wear update delivers Strength Training to all Android Wear 2.0 watches new and old. To find it, you’ll need to select the Fit Workout companion app and scroll down to Strength Training. We checked, and the option is now live on our LG Style Watch running version 1.64 of Google Fit.

In addition to Strength Training, the app update also brings a new unit settings feature. To access it, and scroll down to the bottom of the main screen until you get to Settings. Tap it and you’ll see a Units option that lets you switch between the metric and imperial system.

The update is rolling out to Android Wear 2.0 watches, but you can side load the Google-signed APK from APK Mirror.

Strength in numbers: While older and even many newer Android Wear 2.0 watches won’t be able to take advantage of Android Pay, the fitness benefits are available to all. And the new update will finally bring the best feature to all watches, taking them one step closer to becoming the personal trainers we know they can be. Now, if only Google could hurry up and bring it to more watches.

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