Office for Android gets auto save, version history, other tools in update

Microsoft is giving a nice boost to the Android versions of its Office apps. The marquee addition is auto save, which liberates you from the antiquated need to hit the Save button every few minutes to make sure your work doesn’t disappear into a black hole.

Collaborative editing is also here for Word, which has long been a key differentiator for Google Docs. Given that this is Microsoft’s first go at bringing this to mobile, however, expect that it probably won’t be as buttery smooth as Google’s take.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint now will autosave and deliver a version history.

Excel also gets fill handles, which allow you to automatically fill a range of cells. And version history is here so you can check back with previous edits. 

For PowerPoint, you’ll see a new designer that assists with image creation inside of your slides. You’ll also now be able to insert images from the camera, along with the version history and auto save that come to the other apps.

For the latest updates, head to the Google Play Store page for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

The impact on you: Microsoft is giving Google a serious run for the money when it comes to productivity apps on Android. If you use Office 365 for work or personal use, this gives you another set of tools to keep the workflow going when you move from the desktop to a mobile device. 

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