Apple working to fix Safari's refusal to to open links on Twitter

Do links you click on Twitter just not load properly for you in Safari? You click the link and nothing loads. You refresh the page and nothing loads. You refresh again and get a message helpfully informing you that “Safari can’t open the page.” You refresh yet again while muttering profanities and the page finally appears.

It’s not just you—it’s a widespread annoyance for Mac users and it’s persisted for several months. Luckily, it looks as though a fix is on the way.

In Friday, The Verge noticed a recent tweet from Timothy Hatcher, an Apple employee who works on Safari’s underlying WebKit rendering engine, that addresses this issue head on. 

“We have a Radar [bug report] and a fix identified,” Hatcher tweeted. “It is lower level than WebKit.”

Oh happy day! Unfortunately, we still don’t know when said fix will be released to the general public. Until a patch arrives, you’ll need to use a different browser like Chrome or Firefox, try a workaround (like this one that The Verge highlighted), or...just wait it out a bit longer.

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